Specialising in developing, cooking, and presenting historic dishes for television productions.

Historic & Vintage Food Developer

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I’m Miranda Quantrill

Being a chef was a role I aspired to from a very young age, a path that gave me confidence and knowledge to be able to do what I do now.

Specialising in developing, cooking, and presenting historic dishes for television productions.

Historic & Vintage Food Developer

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About Me

“TV’s go-to chef for recreating historical recipes that fed the nation.”

“The food we eat is a snapshot at any given time of who we are. It offers fascinating insights into our culture, our ever changing tastes and the way we lived, informed by the world we lived in. Bringing these remarkable dishes to life allows history to come alive in unique ways and literally adds new flavour to our understanding of the past.  Researching and recreating these recipes for a wide range of TV programmes has been the icing on the cake to my career as a chef that’s always been passionate, curious and adventurous about food. I can’t wait to explore and uncover more of our forgotten food history and to serve them up on a plate for today’s TV viewers.

I’m fortunate enough to collaborate with the UK’s leading food historian Annie Gray who advises me so that all food produced is authentic for the era plus visually pleasing for TV and film. I duplicate and adapt original historical recipes that will stand the test of the TV lights and heat. With my colleague Ian Sutton we overcome any environment utilising the resources available. Locations have included British stately homes and manors, which can be very challenging. When developing recipes, we find solutions to meet the needs of the production team and cast.

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Other Roles & Accolades


I regularly write recipes for a range of hospitality magazines including CHEF magazine and TUCO, plus online magazines Beyond Fabulous and Food& plus. My published recipes in hardback books include  ‘A Class of Their Own’ and ‘How to cook the Victorian way with Mrs Crocombe’ for English Heritage where Ian and I developed over Victorian 100 recipes.


As well as my other roles I am also proud to represent Thermomix as an advisor. A machine I have used throughout my career and at home. I can provide demonstrations through a virtual platform for free. My recipes will showcase the many functions of Thermomix for chefs and the home cook. LEARN MORE



I am passionate about using quality, sustainable and ethical produce from seasonal global & local sources and reducing waste. A project I recently led on was to open a community fridge at a local park café. This takes excess produce from supermarkets and distributes the food to the local community. I have in the past taken the role as an ambassador for Sustain representing education in UK which then led to me being invited to write a qualification along with other industry experts for City & Guilds on Sustainability. I was also recognised for my efforts by PACE and given an Environmental Sustainability award.


Classically trained as a chef, I’ve personally achieved numerous medals and awards for live cookery competitions both nationally & internationally. As part of The Craft Guild of Chefs Culinary team, I was honoured to become a Disciple of Escoffier in its ninth chapter. This accolade recognises my strength and dedication to the foundations of cookery, which to date exceeds any Gold medal I have ever achieved.

“The Escoffier spirit is about the equality of the disciples, without any hierarchy, the passing of knowledge, respect of the culture and the constant evolution of cooking”