My role at Westminster Kingsway College has given me many opportunities. This time I with my students for a Channel 5 documentary Inside the Savoy.

Westminster Kingsway’s highly regarded School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts in Victoria was co-founded over 100 years ago by the French culinary legend Auguste Escoffier. Before he helped create our culinary school, Escoffier had been drafted in by world-famous Hotelier Cesar Ritz to improve the kitchens and the quality of the food served in his new Savoy hotel in London. Escoffier introduced a military-style discipline and allocation of roles to the Savoy – transforming the kitchens (and the Savoy’s fortunes) and laying the foundations for the way pretty much all modern restaurant kitchens work today.

The Channel 5 series pays tribute to Escoffier’s role in revolutionizing the Savoy’s dining experience. For the programme I was interviewed and filmed along with my class students cooking some classical dishes.

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