Jay Rayner hosts a culinary panel show packed full of tasty titbits that might change the way we think about food, cooking and eating. An expert panel answers the audience questions.

I was asked by Dr Annie Gray to be a guest on Kitchen Cabinet via a text which went like this  … 

“Do you fancy having a go at this for the kitchen Cabinet next week? Possibly bring it and be a contributor?”  Hmmm Yes Challenge accepted!!

Annie then sent a black and white photo of an ornately woven potato basket!  (See photo in gallery)

The recipe stated to deep fry in beef dripping. I was at home and do not have a large enough fryer, so I went about making a clay base and stuck in steel rods. The first day I hand cut the potatoes and brined and wove. However, the final result was not great, so I had another idea. I had a vegetable spaghetti machine which proved to be fantastic so the second attempt worked! I then made potato flowers and the basket was complete.

I travelled to Spalding to present the basket to panellists Niki Segnit, Dr Annie Gray, Sue Lawrence and Jourdan Bourke hosted by Jay Rayner and with an audience of around 300.

After researching the potato basket I found out that it was a category in a National competition back in the 1950’s Not sure I’d get a Gold medal but maybe I would get one for effort!

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