Well let me tell you I’m a big fan of Queen Victoria, so was super excited to be part of this amazing project for the BBC. 

I was asked by successful food writer & chef  Sophie Wright ,(and incidentally a former student of mine) to help create the food which as you can see from the gallery, was quite extensive. We teamed up with Ian Sutton  who has worked with me on many projects, and the wonderful, highly knowledgeable food historian Annie Gray who advised us on all of the food as it should be portrayed for this Royal feast.

Queen Victoria and Prince Alberts wedding banquet consisted of many extravagant dishes of which we did about eighteen.

Filming was done at Westminster Kingsway College and, at the most wonderful of venues the stunningly beautiful Holkham Hall. 

Working in establishments like Holkham is highly challenging as they are not really set up for these big banquets, the dining rooms certainly are but the kitchens are down little corridors and many stairs. I cannot quite imagine how it all came together back in 1800’s.

Fortunately, we did use a modern kitchen for all of the preparation and finished off in the old kitchens of Holkham which now are really for visitors only.

So logistics are always a huge consideration but when the final results are there before you in the magnificently dressed dining rooms we know we have done a good job.

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